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CyberTracker Conservation

The international standard for Wildlife Tracking Certification


Want to hear more about tracking evaluations?

Casey offers professional level evaluation and certification for wildlife tracking (Track & Sign and Trailing) through CyberTracker Conservation. These 2-day field trainings provide excellent experience for biologists, community scientists, naturalists, eco-tourism guides, educators, hunters, and anyone else interested in learning about local wildlife. The Track & Sign evaluation process is highly educational and requires no prior experience, and is used as a tool to rapidly increase participants' tracking skill and ecological knowledge in a supportive and entertaining environment. The Trailing evaluation is also eye-opening, but prior training is recommended. 

The CyberTracker system is globally renowned for facilitating a completely new way of relating with local wildlife and landscapes!

One-day Track and Sign evaluations are also available as an introduction to the Cybertracker Certification process. 

Learn more about CyberTracker's 30 year history.

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