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Wild Redefined

Explorations of Ecology, Rugged Earth and the Human Species

Professional-level Training and Certification
Wildlife Track and Sign,
Trailing, and More

Casey McFarland

Online Training Opportunities  
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Integrating Ecosystem Science, Wildlife Research, and Local Knowledge 

We're a Species Designed to Read Earth. 

We possess a unique ability to scan landscapes to find, recognize and accurately interpret the signs of a stunning variety of life within any given ecosystem on the planet. We have a knack for gauging complex patterns, wildlife presence and behavior, bird song. Our evolutionary history is intertwined with countless tribes of animals of every form, and our study of wildlife for thousands of centuries shaped who we are as Homo sapiens.

Track & Sign

Learn to recognize the tracks and sign of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates, and to interpret animal movement and behavior. This explorative practice reveals a hidden world of wildlife sign, and develops the ability to discover subtle evidence of animal presence. In short, this skill set facilities knowledge of a remarkable variety of life in an ecosystem.


Learn to follow tracks through landscapes with the purpose of finding and observing the animal(s) that made them—while remaining undetected. Trailing builds knowledge of wildlife and local landscapes, confidence to follow trail in difficult conditions,  heightened awareness and stealth, and an ability to move quietly cross-country in small teams.

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